More and more people are working out these day because there are a variety of routines that yield quick results with work outs that fit within their daily lives. Many people are finding that it is easier to fit in workouts at home with little to no equipment necessary. Suzanne Hiscock, and ACE-certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Coach, wrote an article for, titled 10 Ways You Can Exercise at Home Without Any Equipment. In this article she describes different work outs that you can do, including: walking, jumping jacks, pushups, leg lifts, and many others that don’t involve any large gym equipment. This is a great way for people with a limited budget or limited time.workout chart 3

     Something as simple as doing dips on a dining room chair can help tone your arms and it takes just a couple minutes out of the day.  I conducted a survey through social media to get my family and friends take on how they fit staying active and healthy in their everyday lives. It was a short survey, where I asked 3 multiple choice questions: Which types of workouts do you use more?; What kinds of workouts do you prefer?; Who do you like to workout with?; and one short answer question, how do you fit working out into your daily life? Most people find different ways of fitting it in where ever possible.  One respondent answered, “[I] wake up super early if I am going to do an actual workout routine or try to get it in throughout my day such as taking the stairs or parking further from the store.”  Out of the 27 survey takers, 13 prefer to do their work outs at home.Workout chart 1

   While people are enjoying workouts in the comfort of their own home, I also found that the majority surveyed through my social media survey, and a survey from my English 2010 class, would prefer to work out alone rather than with someone else or in a class. Eleven out of fourteen surveyed would rather work out alone (English 2010), and 15 out of 27 chose to work out alone rather than with someone else (Social Survey). If the majority of people are choosing to work out alone then if would make more sense for them just to participate in exercise in their own home rather then leaving to go to a gym or center to work out as well as putting out the montly cost a gym membership would cost.workout chart 2

     When people are working out at home and don’t have the opportunity to work with a personal trainer, it is hard to know the amount of calories that are being burned for different exercises. The Center for Health and Sciences has given a giant list of exercises and the amount of calories that are burned during that particular work out. For example: some of the top calorie burning exercises are running, stairs, and cycling (Center for Health and Sciences).  This allows people to see that they can burn a lot of calories while still fitting them into their busy schedule. So it’s time to whip out the dining room chairs, get some bags of rice and get to working out.




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