(from left to right) Kimmy, Riann, and Nina

I would like to tell the story of a really dear friend of mine, Nina, and her example of how she wanted to make a change in her life; through diligence and hard work she was able to make the changes necessary to start on her path of change.

 After high school, she remained very active, and always having a job at a gym where ever she lived.  During this part of her life she was going to school in Boston to get her Bachelors of Science degree in Mathematics while having the time of her life.  She only had to worry about passing her classes at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, taking every advantage available to her.

Nina would spend most of her time on campus: studying, working at the on campus gym, taking time out to work out as a stress reliever, and hanging out with friends.  However, she was torn with a boyfriend back home in Salt Lake City as to whether she wanted to stay continue school in Boston or return home.  When she came home in the Summer of 2011 — mind made up to go back to Boston in the Fall — she was looking forward to catching up with friends, being with family and figuring out where her relationship with her boyfriend was going. 

In June, 6 weeks after returning home, she found out she was pregnant.  This was completely shocking; It was an unexpected pregnancy to her, her family and her boyfriend.  Although this wasn’t in her plans, she decided it was best to stay in Utah and have her little boy.  During her pregnancy, she moved in with her boyfriend and father of her child, deciding they would keep working on their relationship and hope for the best.  Nina delivered her son by Caesarean Section on February 14, 2012, and named him Dylan Myles Larkin.


(from left to right) Nina, Dylan, and Ricky

After having their son, however,  Nina quickly noticed that the father of her son wasn’t as devoted to being a parent to their son or their relationship.  She found herself alone most days and nights with Dylan.  Although she loves her son, she found herself struggling with Post-Partum Depression (PPD) on top of her struggling relationship.  After a while she noticed she ate instead of opening up and talking about the problems she was having.  At a loss for what to do and with the delay in her abdominal muscle recovery from her C-Section and her ever expanding stomach she knew a change needed to be made.

I met Nina around this time, she didn’t appear to be anything like I have previously described her as.  She is outgoing, spunky, and of course, a really great mom.  While a bunch of girls at our work are always trying to find their way to a healthy lifestyle and weight, I found Nina having the hardest time.  One day she turned to me and said, “I need to change something.” (Bennett)  That day she made the decision to stop struggling and make a change by enrolling into boot camp.  The first day of boot camp was the hardest for her because they had to weigh in, and she weighed in 20 pounds heavier than her heaviest weight during pregnancy.  She wanted to cry.  But through motivation, a stricter diet, and countless therapy sessions, she is now down 15lbs and out of a bad relationship. 

The difference that I see in Nina is so inspiring.  She is a lot happier, motivated and healthier in her food selection.  I want to continue helping Nina out since she is no longer able to attend boot camp as it became too expensive and taxing on her time with her son. I would also like to help others find that spark to make the change for a healthy life instead of always striving for an impossible thin life by finding fun, effective work outs that make you excited to work out and be a new healthy you.

Bennett, Nina personal interview 22 June 2013

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