If you are having a hard time fitting the gym into your day here are some easy ways to still get a little exercise on your busiest days. These are easy and fast things to do when you are running short on time.

1. Chair Dips

For this work out all you need is a stationary, low chair. You will want to position yourself infront of the chair with your back facing the the chair. Place your hands on the seat of the chair close to the edge. chair_dip 2When first starting out you will want to bend our knees a little and have your feet flat so you are about an inch from the chair when you dip. When you have mastered this you can begin to extend your legs out so that you are on your heels. When you are in your preferred position you will want to keep your core tight and begin to bend your arms so that your body dips down, and then straighten your arms to complete one full dip. To make this workout effective you will probably want to do about 2-4 sets of 10-20 dips depending on your strength, you will get fatigued while doing this exercise. Do not hurt yourself if you are getting uncomfortable then take Chair-Dipsa break and come back to it.  If it continues to feel uncomfortable, stop immediately.

2. Take the Stairs

For the time it takes to wait and ride the elevator, it’s the same, if not less time to walk up the stairs during the day. Even if you are tired or have had a long day take the time to walk up the stairs and get those endorphins flowing.

3. 7-7 Sit Ups

This is something that is quick, easy, and can be done at anytime during the day; all you need is a flat space. You will position yourself laying down on your back with your head resting on the ground, your hand slightly cupping either side of your head, and your feet on the ground with your legs bent. Start by doing 7 crunches, then 7 half sit ups, and then 7 full sit ups. Repeat this series seven times. Remember to keep your head aligned with your torso so that you don’tsitup strain your neck or hurt your back.  If needed for stability, hook your feet underneath a couch to help but remember this is ab exercise and to not use this leverage to lift your upper body.

4. Squats

For this work out you don’t need any equipment. Place your feet about shoulder width with arms at your side with feet straight forward. After you have yourself positioned you will want to bend your knees and squat down until you are at 90 degree angle. While doing this you want to make sure your knees aren’t going past your toes, and that your upper body is straight. If you want to make this more of a challenge you can add some weights such as cans of soup, bags of rice, or any item found within your home that would be easy to hold. If you choose to use weights then you can either hold them to your side, curl them as you squat down, or when getting to the  standing position you can press them up over your head (also known as a squat thrust).  To target different muscle groups in your legs, simply turn your feet so that your toes point slightly outward at about a 45 degree angle, and proceed the same with technique for squating.

5. Push Ups or Planks

This is very easy to when you are on the go, all you need is the floor.  For beginners, to build upper body strength to do “real” push ups you can start by resting your knees on the floor instead of having your legs straight out and being on your toes. For this you want to have your body straight, don’t let your head or your hips sink below your body, and keep your core tight. Either have your knees knee push upsof toes on the floor with your hands right under your shoulders with your arms straight. Now you will begin to lower your arms while you come to the floor so that your chin in a fist width from the floor. Then you will use your body strength to push yourself back up to your original position. For the plank you want to be in the same position except instead of being on your hands you will be resting on your forearms  so that your arms make a 90 degree angle. You will hold this position with pushup straightyour core tight and your body in alignment for 30-90 seconds and increasing at 15 second increments.   

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