Following my own rules..

When I was writing my instruction page it got me thinking if I actually do anything on that list. Sure I take the stairs, but if all of my friends are taking the elevator I always just go with them and swear to myself that I would take the stairs later. One of the people who took my survey replied, “[I] wake up super early. . . to do an actual routine..or try to get it in throughout my day such as taking the stairs.” So if other people are doing this and I wasn’t always taking the stairs then it obviously wasn’t helping me and how can I give advice for something that I wasn’t doing myself. So this week I decided to do everything that was on my instructions list. Although I found it challenging, I also found it rewarding. Not only did I find myself walking more but I was also burning more calories just adding more little exercises into my daily routine. I hope that this will work for anyone else who is willing to try it.

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