Should I seek outside help?

When trying to figure out if there were better options out there for workouts to do during the day I decided to see if there was anything out there that would help me. The book that I found out Fitting Exercise Into A Busy Schedule by Lou Diamond. As it turns out he basically had the same ideas and me. When thinking about the ways that busy people can fit little work outs into their daily lives there is only one idea that comes to mind. I will have to ask the busy people themselves! Instead of thinking of ideas that would work in my everyday life I will find other people and see if this will work with theirs too. I want to also see what other people are thinking and that is what I am going to be doing this week.

Following my own rules..

When I was writing my instruction page it got me thinking if I actually do anything on that list. Sure I take the stairs, but if all of my friends are taking the elevator I always just go with them and swear to myself that I would take the stairs later. One of the people who took my survey replied, “[I] wake up super early. . . to do an actual routine..or try to get it in throughout my day such as taking the stairs.” So if other people are doing this and I wasn’t always taking the stairs then it obviously wasn’t helping me and how can I give advice for something that I wasn’t doing myself. So this week I decided to do everything that was on my instructions list. Although I found it challenging, I also found it rewarding. Not only did I find myself walking more but I was also burning more calories just adding more little exercises into my daily routine. I hope that this will work for anyone else who is willing to try it.

Working hard or hardly working?

Some days it’s hard to fit in a work out with a long day at work, especially when it requires me to sit at a desk all day. This past week we decided to mix up our breaks a little so that we could go down to our work gym,  on some of the days we participated in the 15 minute ab class provided. This was a great way to still fit in a work out and make it fun because we all did it together. Other days we decided to work out with other activities like weights, hoola hoops, and just running on the tread mill. During one of the ab classes we did 7/7’s where we had to do 7 crunches, 7 half sit ups, and 7 full sit ups 7 times. Sounds easy, right? Well it was an ab burner and we were very sore the next day. This is a great easy to do work out that takes only a few minutes of the day and helps you get closer to your goals. Glad I learned this workout, it could make a good pre-bedtime workout! 

Getting started!

I think the hardest part is getting started and trying to figure out what exercise you want to do first. I enjoy doing work outs that get my heart pumping really good — running and cardio. I think I am going to start off by running for the first couple of days until I can think of a really good idea for my first work out review. Unless you have really bad knees running is always somewhere to start and if you don’t like then there are always other options.  It is my week off so I have to get cracking and start writing all of my ideas down.